Crysis 2 | Double XP ‘weekend’ starts today

Starting today at 9am (PST) [4pm GMT] and running until 12am (PST) on Monday 30 May, you will earn double XP in Crysis 2 across all three platforms.

There will also be some prizes for the best XP earners on each platform.

We’ll be monitoring the stats over the weekend and will be offering prizes to the best XP earners on each platform. It doesn’t matter how much XP you’ve got now, it’s all about how much you can earn during the double-XP weekend, so anyone can join in and show ’em who’s boss!

Prizes include:

  • – Crysis 2 Figurine
  • – Crysis 2 Nanosuit T-Shirt
  • – Crysis Legion Novel
  • – Crysis Lanyard
  • – Crysis DogTag
  • – MyCrysis Sticker/Badges

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