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It has been announced that the CS: GO portion of the Crucial Cup has been cancelled due to a “numbers game”.

The full announcement is as follows:

Good morning everyone. It has been a hectic week of negotiation and administration. We have decided to drop CS:GO from the Crucial Cup roster purely because there are too many other events that clashes with the calendar and not enough interest shown in our cup.
I know that most of you might have been keen to play in our cup, but its a numbers game. We simply can’t host a tournament with so little interest and so many other competitions running at the same time.
There are more Crucial Cups coming up in the future where we will try and work around other tournament calendars to find a gap where more teams could be available to play and compete, and hopefully for some bigger prizes too!
I want to thank all of you that have entered for the support shown, I will understand if you are dissapointed or frustrated, it was a hard call to make and I can only hope that you understand why the decision has been made.
Best of luck in all/any of the other cups and tournaments that your teams are competing in.
Best Regards
Stephen de Witt
Crucial Cup head admin


The Crucial Cup has opened registrations for their first tournaments of 2016.

Yes, it’s plural, because there will be three titles, each with at least a R10,000 cash prize pool. The registrations are open until 10 February, with the tournament kicking off on 21 February and is sponsored by Crucial, Ballisitx and Syntech. The tournament is for PC teams and players.

Battlefield 4

(R13 000 Prize pool)
1st place: R10 000 Cash
2nd place: R3 000 Cash

Dota 2

(R10 000 Prize pool)
1st place: R8 000 Cash
2nd place: R2 000 Cash


(R10 000 Prize pool)
1st place: R8 000 Cash
2nd place: R2 000 Cash

These cups are the “smaller” of two being planned for 2016 with a “larger tournament again mid year”. Details of the second series of tournaments will be revealed closer to the event.

Once the tournaments kick off, you can expect some of the matches to be streamed live.

To keep up to date with all the announcements by the Crucial Cup team, you can head to their website or find them on Facebook.