Speaking at his annual keynote address at Quakecon, Id Software founder John Carmack controversially described the Kinect experience as fundamentally, “a poor interaction.”


Carmack analogized Kinect to Apple’s old one-button mouse, claiming that “Kinect is sort of like a zero-button mouse with a lot of latency on it.”

The Verge report on a video released to YouTube where the response to Carmack’s statements received a mixture of disagreeing boos and polite applause.

Discussing the next generation of consoles, Carmack judges the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to be “very close.”

He reiterated his preference for Xbox 360 among the current-gen, but says that Sony has made “large strides” to close the gap in terms of developer friendliness, and so the choice among the next-gen consoles won’t be as clearcut. The Playstation 3 was notoriously dubbed as difficult to develop for according to many developers.