Carmack describes Kinect as “a poor interaction”


Speaking at his annual keynote address at Quakecon, Id Software founder John Carmack controversially described the Kinect experience as fundamentally, “a poor interaction.”


Carmack analogized Kinect to Apple’s old one-button mouse, claiming that “Kinect is sort of like a zero-button mouse with a lot of latency on it.”

The Verge report on a video released to YouTube where the response to Carmack’s statements received a mixture of disagreeing boos and polite applause.

Discussing the next generation of consoles, Carmack judges the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to be “very close.”

He reiterated his preference for Xbox 360 among the current-gen, but says that Sony has made “large strides” to close the gap in terms of developer friendliness, and so the choice among the next-gen consoles won’t be as clearcut. The Playstation 3 was notoriously dubbed as difficult to develop for according to many developers.

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