Core element of Vanquish: ‘Boost’ explained


One of the unique gameplay elements in Vanquish is the lead character, Sam and his ability to boost at high speed across the stage. Platinum Games’, Takeo Kido, is heading up the effects for Vanquish and he has explained “boost”.

Kido explains that during production of Vanquish: “It was said that moving across the stage wasn’t fun, and that we needed something both visually appealing, and relevant as a special gameplay element to spice things up. That’s when we came up with the idea…” They decided to“modify the big protrusions around the hips like this, then shove some jets out of the back and have him go flying around,“ because “that’ll be cool.” Then because they made it so that jets could fly out of multiple directions, then it would be a great excuse to have Sam do some really unbelievable actions which would look visually stunning.

From there the effects team went to Sam’s modeler, Hattori-san, who added on the little pluses that the effects team were looking for, and the end result is the Boost function. Kido explains that “Boost” is also integral part of other aspects with Sam’s movement, like when Sam is jumping over things, or other more subtle and quicker actions.

Sam also has the same jets on his arms, albeit not as visible, which allow him to add more force behind his punches kinda like a “rocket punch where the hand doesn’t go flying off!” says Kido. He continues to explain that: “It looks like something dangerous enough that if he misused the function of the suit, Sam would end up with two dislocated shoulders.”

Vanquish will be available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. For more visit the game’s official site.

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