Codemasters working on an “exciting new IP for digital and console platforms”


We’re huge fans of everything Codemasters here. The DiRT, Grid and F1 titles are amongst the best racing series we’ve ever played, and so we watch Codemasters with a keen eye.

Codemasters has been dropping hints left, right and centre on Twitter about past TOCA games, DiRT and Grid. But it’s now reported that Codemasters may be developing an “exciting new IP for digital and console platforms”.

Videogamer report that this new speculation is based on various job descriptions for its Digital Studio, that appears to be working on a project for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

These job adverts each specifically call for “experience on new console platforms and PC” as desirable skills.

A further job ad specifically calls for an employee to work on an “exciting new IP for mobile and tablet platforms”, although it isn’t clear whether this is related to a different project or a mobile port.

Videogamer note that rumours of a new IP first emerged almost two years ago when a former developer revealed that she had been working on a “new IP at Codemasters that will span at least 6 platforms including true ‘next-gen’ hardware”.

You can negate any hope for FPS, which Codies has done in the past, as Codemasters’ community manager Ben Walke stated last week that Codemasters is “firmly focused on our racing titles at the moment”, and that it has “no current plans for an FPS”.

What could it be then? What, what, what?

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