CoD Ghosts_01MWEB Gamezone, with headline sponsors Incredible Connection, have announced the ‘First Recon’ tournament for Call of Duty: Ghosts on both Xbox 360 and PC.

The single elimination tournament will allow the Gamezone team to get “some testing of rulesets underway, as well as giving the participating players a feel for the season to come.”

There is space for 32 teams on each platform, and each team can have four players and one reserve. [**UPDATE** The number of teams allowed has now been increased to 64 on Xbox 360]

The early rounds in the tournament will be a best of three modes affair with each match consisting of Domination, Search and Destroy and Blitz, while the semi final and final will be a best out of five match.

The maps and rulesets for each platform can be found on the Gamezone Forums, with the Xbox 360 rules here and PC rules here.

But what about the prizes you say? Well, that’s where Incredible Connection steps in.

Xbox 360

1. First Prize :

  •  4 x Medusa NX Core Gaming Headsets,
  •  4 x Wildfire Wireless Gaming Controllers, &
  •  4 x Xbox Live Headset Adapters

2. Second Prize:

  •  4 x Medusa NX Core Gaming Headsets,
  •  4 x Xbox Live Headset Adapters

3. Third Prize:

  •  4 x Wildfire Wireless Gaming Controllers


1. First Prize:

  • 5 x Savu Gaming Mice
  • 5 x Arvo Gaming Keyboards
  • 5 x Sense Glacier Blue Mouse Pads
2. Second Prize
  • 5 x Savu Gaming Mice
  • 5 x Sense Glacier Blue Mouse Pads
3. Third Prize:
  • 5 x Sense Glacier Blue Mouse Pads

What you need to know – and do – to register:

Where to Sign up and create your team: Right Here!
Where to Sign your Team: Here for PC and here for XBox 360
Need help in creating your Team?Find out how to here!
Registration opens: From Today!
Registration Closes: 24th November 2013
Online component Play Window: 25th November – 8th December 2013
Semi-Finals: 14th December 2013

More details – and our source – here.

Don’t forget that registrations for the Battlefield 4 ‘First Recon’ Tournament is also open.

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