COD: Elite | 2 Million Sign Up For Beta to Date, Show Activision Much Love?

Love it or hate it, the Call of Duty series enjoys a massive following across the board. GamesIndustryBiz reports that Activision social media manager, Dan Amrich announced on his blog that two million gamers have already registered for the Call Of Duty: Elite beta in just two weeks.

Amrich did also say that this is two million volunteers among 30 million Call of Duty players, so it is a small amount and Activision hope for more.

The Elite service has been confirmed for both Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops and will offer both free and paid for content to subscribers which includes early access to DLC packs amongst another privileged services.

GamesIndustryBiz point out that the modest response thus far could suggest that gamer’s initial concerns for the payable service might not have affected interest in the product. I think it still remains to be seen how the service could effect or promote the franchise.

The live beta will begin on July 14.