Clan Connection launches on Gamezone with MW3 Tournament

*not an example of a typical gaming clan*

Are you in a gaming clan?  Specifically a console gaming clan?  And more specifically – and only currently – an Xbox 360 clan?  Well, maybe you should be looking at Clan Connection then and not answering those damn questions.

Clan Connection is a joint venture of passionate gamers including two (possibly) familiar names from Xboxreel – HoldenZA and SilentiSonas (they do have real names, but we’re all for protecting their privacy from wannabe stalkers) along with Mweb Gamezone and “a number of gaming companies”, which aims “to elevate and promote clan gaming in South Africa”.

Their first order of business is a Modern Warfare 3 ‘Clan Challenge Tournament’ – or the slightly more snappily titled ‘Casualties of Warfare’ – which is now open for registration until 10 February.  If you can muster a five man team of gung-ho, no-holds-barred, shoot-first-and-check-to-see-they-were-the-enemy-later über-soldiers  then head over there now, as there appears to be the chance to win prizes if you’re L337 enough.