Clan Connection Final Stand comes to a head this weekend

Clan Connection’s last hoorah before Modern Warfare 3 gets replaced by Black Ops 2 in the console Call of Duty competitive scene, hits the semi-finals and final this weekend with one of the semi-finals and the final being streamed live on the world wide web for your enjoyment.

The Xbox 360 tournament has already completed the round of 16 and the Quarter Finals will see the matches completed later tonight.  On Sunday the remaining four teams will play for a place in the final with the best two facing off in the ‘Final Stand’ match – commonly known as a the final.

The tournament has not really thrown up any real surprised (yet) with the Xbox 360 clans traditionally considered as the top teams making through their early rounds relatively unscathed.

Round of 16

Xtaz beat F34R: 3-1
Adios la vida beat Lo$T: 3-1
Team Aztec beat Team AX: 3-0
NBS beat War: 3-0
H5 Ozone beat H5 Energ:y 3-0
TNG beat Splash Zone: 3-1
FLS Unleashed beat Echo: 3-0
Agony Gaming beat oMcD: 3-0

Round of 8

Xtaz beat Adios la vida: 3-1
FLS Unleashed beat Agony Gaming: 3-0
with Team Aztec vs NBS and H5 Ozone vs TNG still to play their games.

The semi-final and final will be streamed live on Sunday and the prizes have been sponsored by MwebGamezone, MadCatz and Megarom Games.

So anyone got a favourite for the tournament win?


The semi-finals will be happening at 5pm and 6pm, with the final following at 8pm.  If you’re keen to watch, you can catch it here.

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