Forza 3: A noobs view…

By Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley


I’m not a racer, never been one and thought I’d never be one…

It happened like this.  I needed a new HDD, my 20 gig is getting full very quickly. I shopped around for prices and made the decision that I’ll be buying myself a 250gig Elite, not knowing I’ll be getting FM3 in the bundle, sweet, sell it on for 400 bucks and get the console even cheaper!

I got home, set up my new XBOX and fiddled with the settings while the Forza cover was staring me in the face begging to be put into the disc tray to show off what it can do. I gave in and popped it into the tray, just to have a look at all the hype over the last 2 months…

CoD: Modern Warfare 2 – Review (X360)

By Clinton “dreddsix6six” O’Shea Overview This game sucks.  It’s awful…  It’s… Oops, sorry, this game has kept me so absorbed, a Leprechaun started to write the review.  Contrary to the little sprites comments, go buy this milestone in First Person, High Definition gaming goodness.  NOW! More?  Oh damn, this is stealing my valuable time that could be better spent playing…

Ghostbusters – Review (X360)

By Clinton “dreddsix6six” O’Shea Overview “If there’s something strange, In your neighbourhood, Who you gonna call, (Ghostbusters) If there’s something weird, And it don’t look good, Who you gonna call, (Ghostbusters)” Yes, that was very predictable, but to be honest, everything about this game is drenched (with slime) in nostalgia.  If you were a kid in the 80s you probably…

Red Faction: Guerilla – Review (PS3)

By PsiCoNaut


Massive Destruction, in a large open world, 3rd person environment, is what this game is about. Having all manmade items in the game been fully destructible, makes it rather enjoyable, and all this in wonderful 1080 resolution (or at least a resolution higher than 720). The story is a fairly simple one, set in the year 2125, you, as Alec Mason, takes a trip to Mars to meet up with your brother. After the initial tutorial, the Earth Defence Force (EDF, which are the bad dudes) finds out that your brother is a Red Faction member. With which they decide to enforce their discovery by executing him. Alone, your brother gone, revenge flowing through your blood, the only friends you can turn too are the Red Faction. So it’s time to go ‘guerrilla’ (which is far worse than ape).

GTA Episodes From Liberty City: Review (Xbox 360)

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira


The author of the following review, was consumed with the feelings of being ‘cool’ directly after playing the title due to the nature of the title, and therefore attempted to use many words associated with the ‘popular culture’. Zombiegamer takes no responsibility nor necessarily agrees with the slang language that the author used because he was feeling ‘cool.’ Please find a terminology section at the end of the review for reference.

**end disclaimer**


Because this is not an ordinary retail title, my review format will be slightly different with this one.

The Gran Theft Auto series is Rockstar’s award winning series of some of the biggest and most memorable titles. It is a sandbox style series that basically has you play out what life on the wrong side of the street would be like. It is all about the characters, shooting wars, jacking cars, flying or driving various vehicles and generally running mayhem.

Tekken 6: Review (Xbox 360)

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira


I get feelings of nostalgia when I speak of Tekken; it means so much to me. I thought that the Playstation2 was going to be a bit too expensive when it was to be released, then Tekken made me fork out the money… and with a smile on my face. You see Tekken broke new ground with fighters with its simplistic game-mechanics and the evolved movement. I was addicted to nightly battles with my mates, with our printed lists of all the players’ moves next to us, we fought hard and long, every other night.

HALO 3 ODST – Review (X360)

By Clinton “dreddsix6six” O’Shea Overview Let me just say this so it’s out of the way…this is Halo 3…without the Chief.  OK.  No threats of violence against this writer please, I didn’t say it’s a bad game, but like Halo Wars, a dear old friend is missing.  It just takes a little something away from the experience.  That’s all. Features…

NBA 2K10: Review (Xbox 360)

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira


2K Sports deliver some of the best ‘feeling’ sport games available, and NBA2k10 follows in this strong pedigree with their latest NBA game. It will obviously be compared to NBA Live 10 from EA, and where I have not tried the latest EA offering, I have played many before. Why I always opt for the 2K series is that they are just that bit more technical and therefore deliver a more fluid gameplay for me. It does not surprise me that the 2K is the number one selling basketball game.