Splinter Cell: Conviction (X360 Review)


By Clinton “dreddsix6six” O’Shea


I’ve never been a massive Splinter Cell fan – too much sneaky sneaking around for my liking.  I’ve always been a shoot everyone ask questions later kinda guy – a little more Jack Bauer than our Sam Fisher.  When SC:C was announced (and delayed and delayed again) I got really excited – the list of features were rather appealing – “immersive” single player campaign, co-op prologue, solo and co-op extra missions.  And now it’s out…so how does it shape up?

Metro 2033 Review [Xbox 360]



Metro 2033 is a first-person shooter brought to us by THQ and developed by the talented bunch that made S.T.A.L.K.E.R – 4A Games. When I heard it was a game based on a novel and is set in a post-apocalyptic Eastern Bloc, I chased every (little) bit of information there was on it, and I was intrigued.

You, Artyom, are responsible for helping Russia’s bleak looking future. Metro 2033 has you make your way through the claustrophobic and dark metro system of tunnels to deliver an important message to a neighboring station. Above, on land is a very nuclear devastated place to be, so Moscow’s population have fled into the tunnel, trading, surviving in a tense atmosphere, drinking moonshine and listening to some strange music to pass their morose time.

Guitar Hero: Van Halen – Review (X360)

Van Halen_Thumb

By Clinton “dreddsix6six” O’Shea


The thing I love about the Guitar Hero (and almost all other rhythm) games is the way it can make you feel like a rock star.  Choose a difficulty level that doesn’t frustrate you, and rock star glory awaits…however, Guitar Hero: Van Halen kept making me think of a bunch of geriatrics trying to relive their youth.  Now, a lot of this has to do with the band themselves, but even the game itself felt like a shallow, unfulfilling experience.

MAG – PS3 Review

MAG - Massive Action Game

By Ricky/C


MAG is the Massive Action Game from Zipper Interactive, the developers who brought us the highly successful SOCOM franchise.  Don’t be fooled though! This isn’t just another shooter. MAG is a Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter and is like nothing else out there.

It’s the year 2025 and the Shadow War is in full swing. The three Private Military Corporations: Valor, S.V.E.R and Raven are fighting for financial dominance and supremacy on the battle field without the public knowing of the war’s existence. The market for Private military services and professional soldiers emerged with the start of the Millennium Accord which prohibited governments from deploying troops beyond their borders. You have to choose a PMC and fight through many tough battles securing enemy intelligence, sabotaging their communications, destroying targets and doing whatever it takes to secure the financial dominance of the corporation.

Bad Company 2 Review [Xbox 360]

badcompany2 logonew


Bad Company 2 was as the first title developed by Electronic Art’s DICE and utilizes the Frost Bite game engine as before, but oh my… how it has evolved.

The four likeable miscreants, Marlowe, Sweetwater, Haggard and Sarge are back in the army and are recruited to a ‘special forces’ team with the primary objective being to extract a Major Aguire who has been kidnapped by Russian militia operating in the South American jungles. You play as Marlowe who together with the other three need to work your way through lush jungles, dusty villages and snow-topped mountain ranges. Gathering intel, destroying targets, using every imaginable vehicle an army force would, Bad Company 2 takes you on a macho, humorous albeit cheesy, tactical and engaging military adventure. And this time it has substance to it.

BioShock 2: Zombiegamer Review [Xbox 360]



The Rapture underwater world of BioShock is the wonderfully unique and unforgettable creation from Irrational Games under the then 2K Boston/2K Australia. It is a horror ‘free shooting’ first-person shooter where you have an abundance of weapons, ammo as well as the use of many special powers known as plasmids that make this series stand out in an over-crowded genre. BioShock was amongst the best stories and narrated in the most compelling way. This latest title is set to continue in the pedigree set by its predecessor.

Irrational Games and 2k Marin has us return in BioShock 2 to the rusty bathysphere world of Rapture 10 years after the events of the first game, and it is a different Rapture now. At first it all will look quite familiar but soon you will be in for some surprises and they will continue as you get through the game. You awaken as a Big Daddy prototype looking for your Little Sister in the midst of all the new turmoil happenings in Rapture.

Bayonetta Zombiegamer Review [Xbox 360]


Real Romero

Think Anime styled story telling, cinematics and characters, exaggerated and beautiful. Think a storm of visuals, music and sounds. Think fantasy, so far from anything realistic. Think over-designed everything with detailing on every last bit of visual. Think big, magical and bold attacks. Then let your imagination run wild and you will understand the direction that creator Hideki Kayima [Devil May Cry] went with the design of Bayonetta. Published by SEGA and developed by Platinum Games, Bayonetta is a colossal, unadulterated action-packed game that is totally Japanese in design.

While western games often offer realistic, true and simulates; the Japanese game more than often goes in the total opposite direction. Bayonetta is unashamedly Japanese arcade-style from the presentation to sounds, the visuals and the characters. A total escape from reality into a dark yet beautiful fantasy world. It is not about getting through the story, it is about playing it over and over to try beating the hi-score, finding new secrets and improving on your skills. It’s an old-style game at heart that explores the next-gen characteristics… and it does so in style.

You [Bayonetta] are a beautiful witch from an ancient clan, with magical powers way beyond that of mere mortals. There is a constant reminder of your past, not only in cinematic flashbacks, but some ancient characters will follow you into the present to either assist or haunt you. You battle constant storms of enemies, using huge combos, mystical weapons and magic to win medals and score.

First ‘Mass Effect 2’ Review [Xbox 360]


If you want to be amongst the first to read game reviews, then I would recommend you get yourself a subscription to the Official Xbox Magazine UK. They get exclusive first reviews most of the time.

Anyway, the business on hand is the first score for the eagirly awaited Mass Effect 2, and it is as expected really high. AllGamesBeta were good enough to upload the review from the magazine. I can’t read much of it but the important scoring is as follows: