The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile | Review

Developer: Ska Studios
For fans of: The Itchy and Scratchy Show and old school arcade games.
Reviewed on: Xbox 360 Live Arcade
If we had to give it a numerical score: 7/10

In short: An old school side scrolling high paced arcade slasher with a style all of its own.  As the press release says: “Seek retribution as you slash your way through 13 unique campaign levels as Yuki or The Dishwasher.”  What it doesn’t say is retribution is slashing your enemies to shreds – in a completely cartoon-like way.  Of course.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II | Review

Developer: LucasArts
Publisher: LucasArts
For fans of: Star Wars (duh), third person action games.
Reviewed on: Xbox 360
Also available on: PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo DS, Wii.
If we had to give it a numerical score: 7/10

In short: A much anticipated sequel (by me at least) to one of the best Star Wars games ever (my opinion only).  Set seven months after the first game and around one year before the first Star Wars movie (‘A New Hope’), it focuses on the personal struggle of Starkiller – Darth Vader’s apprentice – who may or may not be a clone.  So everything appears to be there for a great story…But why did it have to be such a short average story?

Shaun White Skateboarding | Review

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
For fans of: Arcade skating games
Reviewed on: Xbox 360
Also available on: Playstation 3, Wii
If we had to give it a numerical score: 6/10

In short:

You will either like it or hate it but I doubt you will love it. It is great that now everyone can skate, as there is not much precision needed here. Shaun White took the casual approach to skating and if anything went in a platforming direction. It is an oddball in this genre, but it will be enjoyable to some. Enjoyable in doses but I can’t see die-hard fans gained by it, and gamers playing it for months on end.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone | Review

Developer:Bizzare Creations
Publisher: Activision
For fans of: Action shooters, Bond
Reviewed on: Xbox 360
Also available on:Playstation 3, PC
If we had to give it a numerical score: 7.5/10

In short : James Bond 007: Blood Stone serves as a very good template for any future Bond games. Controls are well designed and help to keep you up with the pace of the action expected from a Bond film. Fun from start to finish because of the fun action, but falls short by not delivering a totally thorough or polished package. Could have or should have been more and although Blood Stone managed to deliver a fun and entertaining experience most of the time with its gameplay and a few of its tricks,  it is clear that this was the quickest churned out Bond game.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow | Review

Developer: Mercury Steam
Publisher: Konami
For fans of: Action adventure, hack n’ slash
Reviewed on: Xbox 360
Also available on: Playstation 3
If we had to give it a numerical score: 8.0/10

In short: Not totally true to its roots [who cares] but where it comes from is still evident. A great rendition of all that is good in the genre, it is like the creators played the best the genre had to offer, took the best aspects and designed it into Lords of Shadow but with some distinctive differences. Then they added their own ideas and delivered a highly entertaining action adventure. Do not put it down after a few hours because its true charm is yet to come… and how.

Halo Reach (X360 Review)

By Clinton “dreddsix6six” O’Shea


So, I started this paragraph around a week before the arrival of Halo Reach.  I had decided, if the game was simply a re-hash of Halo ODST, I’d grab my almost one year old review of said game, re-publish it, but cleverly change every ODST to Reach and every mention of Halo 3 to Halo ODST.  Come on…it really is that easy you know.

Features and Game play

“Let me just say this so it’s out of the way…this is Halo 3 (read ODST)…without the Chief (again).  OK.  No threats of violence against this writer please, I didn’t say it’s a bad game, but like Halo Wars (and ODST), a dear old friend is missing.  It just takes a little something away from the experience.  That’s all.”

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (X360 Review)

By Clinton “dreddsix6six” O’Shea


Let me be quite blunt here – Spider-Man is not really my favourite comic book hero ever.  He is always a little bit too emo for me to be honest and a little too cocky at times.  He needs to be cut down to size sometime.  The next problem the web-slinger faces is that Batman: Arkham Asylum came along and raised the bar for “super-hero” games, and it’s not like previous Spider-Man games were exactly mind-blowing.  So now the poor dude has an Arkham Asylum fan that doesn’t really like him, reviewing his latest game…will it all end in tears?

Mafia II review [Xbox 360]


Mafia II is an action adventure developed by 2K Czech, the sequel that all Mafia movie fans have been waiting eagerly for. It was always going to be in good hands under 2K developement who always bring high quality games. Mafia II immerses players in the Italian mob underworld in late 1940’s-early 1950’s. Experience the said period through the life of the likable ‘Vito’ who starts off small, but with best friend Joe  “vouching” him – Vito embarks on a series of heists, mob wars and other Mafia duties to gain the respect of the major mob families of Empire Bay. The grand city is modeled on New York City from that period.