E3: Come on join the Joy Ride

Up until Joy Ride for Xbox 360, we were a little skeptical of free downloadable content because Yaris was a joke. Thankfully, this game is anything but. Microsoft has thus far done a cool job designing a free to play racer starring avatars. Joy Ride’s all about customization and friendly competition. The game’s designers import your avatar into the world,…

E3: Epic announces Shadow Complex for XBLA

At Monday’s Microsoft E3 media briefing, Cliff Bleszinski helped unveil a new side-scrolling platform shooter called Shadow Complex. In an interesting move it is being developed using the Unreal Engine 3 by Chair, the same people who brought us the Xbox LIVE Arcade title, Undertow. Shadow Complex is also on XBLA and will be released this winter (in the Southern…

Outrun – Review (XBLA)

By Cuan “Cracker” Robertson


The Outrun series has had a very long and interesting life spreading from its arcade routes in the 80’s and making appearances on the Sega, Playstation 2 and original Xbox systems, always looking better, but never changing the core of what the game is that made it so much fun to play. That core being driving Ferrari’s at break neck speeds through traffic.