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Ubisoft’s E3 Line-Up

Ubisoft has announced that the E3 visitors will be treated to never-before-seen demonstrations of Ubisoft’s fiscal year 2012 line-up and exclusive new announcements. This year’s E3 also marks the start of Ubisoft’s 25th anniversary celebration and so the company is celebrating this milestone by delivering its strongest and most diverse brand portfolio to date they say.

EA: FIFA 12 to be a “massive change”

It’s that time of the year – the two football big guns [yes is a two horse race only] start their annual campaigning, if you may, on why this year’s game will be the best one yet. EA Sports are developing FIFA 12 with a new Impact Engine and so the gameplay designer, Aaron McHardy told OXM that “it’s the biggest change we’ve [EA] made since we rebuilt the engine for next-gen consoles.