New Modes For Super Streetfighter IV

  Capcom has apparently improved the online matchmaking and also included the much loved destroy-the-car bonus round in the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV. In addition the game will contain a new Team Battle, and Endless modes.   Team Battle mode will allow four separate players to compete in a round-robin elimination series, and continue to play until you are…

Wet: Review (Xbox 360)

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira



Rubi Malone is the main actress/heroine based on the gorgeous Eliza Dushku. She uses acrobatics, guns and a sword in slow-mo great action to revenge the ‘bad guys’ that set her up in this ‘out-there’ action shooter with elements of plat-forming and lovely use of slow-motion action. It plays out and even looks like a ‘retro’ movie, being played from a reel, so it really looks authentic to say the least. The latter statement is why you will read repeatedly that it has a ‘Tarantino’ type of look to it, which should be a huge compliment to the developers.