Zombiegamer is Dead

…long live Zombiegamer?! This post is a milestone post, and one that marks a metaphorical start of a new beginning for your favourite “gaming site in South Africa with ‘zombie’ and ‘gamer’ in the name.” This post is the 10,000th post on the site. Yes. Ten thousand articles have been published under ‘new management’ since May 2009. That is an extraordinary…

Man Gets Dumped… Buys Master Chief Suit

Due to my colleague at Zombiegamer having way too much coffee this morning and covering every last bit of gaming news that matters, I found myself digging around and picked up on a bizarre gamer’s love story. Shortlist entertainment online mag are reporting on one, Eric Smith who custom designed an engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend with. Unfortunately she dumped…

Zombiegamer Goes Board Games


For sometime now, we at Zombiegamer have been not getting that thrill with gaming that we were so used to. Personally, I found myself bored with a game a few hours into it, game after game. I don’t know if it’s the age, or just playing too many gamers, but I was just not getting my fix. And so I finally found something to let me retire the “controller”, and its not a keyboard and mouse I assure you.

I then got invited to a social event at a mate’s house. After some lekker braai meat and some drinks out came 30 Seconds. One of the more popular board games where you have 30 seconds to explain to your partner the words on the cards, without actually saying the word. One hour turned to five and I found myself “thrilled” as I was with the type before that I was so taken with.

I promptly bought the game and when investigated forums and what else goes with this, I came across the The Gamers Society. It is basically people of all ages that love board games of all kind.

2010 – The Year of the Sequels

sequel-warsAs this year races towards its conclusion and the Game of the Year winners get fiercely debated around the virtual water cooler, I can’t help but take a glass is half empty approach to the coming year.  There are sequels (and prequels) coming – and there are lots of them.

Yes, between them all, there are some original IPs coming, but the most anticipated games are looking to be sequels, prequels or extensions of existing IPs.  Maybe I’m being a little cynical, but isn’t that playing it a little safe and milking the consumer a bit?  Or maybe I should learn to be more grateful, because admittedly, the list of games coming next year is awesome.