GTA ‘Episodes From Liberty City’: Box Art Revealed

I wont be using my expensive ZA cap downloading ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’. Nope I will be waiting for this tasty combo that includes the previously mentioned episode aswell as ‘The Lost and Damned’. It is also well priced at around the R350 mark which is good value if you ask me. So on October 29 you can download ‘The Ballad of Tony’ or choose to buy this combo disc shortly after which will be exclusive to the 360.

Disney Buy Marvel

Walt Disney Co. acquired today access to the Marvel characters which include Spiderman, Iron Man etc. Reuters announced earlier today that Disney bought Marvel Comics Co. for $ 4 billion making it the biggest entertainment deal of the year. For Disney, movies like those should help address a key area of concern among investors: How it can better reach more…