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Famous Ex-Hacker Warns “Gamers at Risk With Any Online Gaming Console”

In an interview with IndustryGamers, ex-top computer hacker, Gregory Evans is warns gamers that they’re still not safe on PlayStation Network. The famous ex-hacker and author of eight books on computer security and identity theft, spent two years in federal prison and paid $10 million for hacking into major companies like AT&T, MCI and Worldcom for his past hacking history. Evans now works at an international security company and helps Fortune 500 companies protect themselves hackers.

Microsoft Plan to Reposition the Xbox as ‘General Entertainment Brand’

Microsoft corporate vice president, Frank Shaw revealed of the official Microsoft Blog [as reported by GamesIndustryBiz] that as much as 40% of activity on the Xbox 360 is related to non-game entertainment and so Microsoft plan to reposition the Xbox as a more general entertainment brand.

Shaw stated that the average Xbox 360 saw an average of 30 hours of “video consumption” per month, but these figures are likely to relate only to the US, and are largely due to the Netflix service.

Shaw says the vision for Xbox is straightforward, “all of the entertainment you want. With the people you care about. Made easy. That is why you’ll see Xbox marketed more as an entertainment brand this year. And that is why we’re investing so much in natural user interface technologies (speech, touch, gestures) to make the entertainment experience that much easier-and more fun.

Darbee Visual Presence HDMI Cable Tech Turns 2D Images to 3D Experiences

Interestingly, snakebyte is to unveil its DarbeeVision technology for HDMI cables, which they say can turn 2D images into 3D experiences – without glasses or additional equipment.

The HDMI cable manufacturer explains that DarbeeVision utilizes the neurological and biological principles that underlie human vision to add a three-dimensional component to two-dimensional images

Hackers Promise “This is the Beginning of the End for Sony”

It’s not looking good for Sony as more hacker groups have steeped forward promising more attack. A reportedly famous hacker, LulzSec who is said to having previouslyhacked Sony BMG’s Japanese website says hackers working on another Sony operation.

LulzSec tweeted, “We’ve condensed all our excited tweets into this one: this is the beginning of the end for Sony.”

Solos Games | New Local Gaming Store… Opening Specials to be Had

Being the crafty zombie I am, I stumbled on a new local online gaming store – Solos Games. This new retailer say they were established to change the face of gaming in South Africa, and so opened up with an online retail store, set their prices low in hope of making gaming accessible to everyone in South Africa… and we at Zombiegamer love their credo and wish them the very best.

Raptr Launches Social News Platform for Gamers

Until now our good friends at Raptr swore us to secrecy about the unveiling of their cool new website for gamers which you should visit here. Here’s a chance for gamers to get involved and help make Zombiegamer the most popular community on the pro-active new Raptr site. You know you want to.

Loads of gamers already use Raptr adding up to more than eight million people tracking their gameplay and connect with their friends across PC, console, and web games.  Raptr tracks more than 23 million gaming sessions and over a billion minutes of gameplay each month, providing users real-time insight into what’s hot in gaming.

This milestone expansion was created by the good folks at Raptr to enable users to submit stories that are then voted on by the community and automatically targeted based on a person’s gaming profile and gameplay activity.  The evolved Raptr goes live today with its more than eight million user base.