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Gaming is like snorting Cocaine?


This is according to a UK ‘expert’ as published by The Lancashire Evening Post. The article is reporting on what they deem to be an epidemic of gaming addiction in their corner of northwest England.

Some facts they included: 

  • Young addicts are skipping meals, playing truant from school and are even stealing money from their parents to buy the latest games.
  • Alarming figures reveal three out of five under 16-years-old plays video games to such an extent that it is a cause for concern for health care professionals.
  • And in the under 10 age group, a staggering four out of five children play computer games at levels showing signs of addiction, figures obtained by addiction experts revealed.

Wait, so are the talking about gaming or drugs?

Anyone Keen On A Girls ‘Pillow Fighting’ Game? [iPhone]


Yes, me too.

I-Play Gaming have suggested that “pillows” could be a welcome ingredient to the fighting genre, so I introduce you to their sexy  new title “Pillowfight Girls”

“Join a wild cast of sexy ladies in the exclusive Pillowfight Championship! Prove that your fighting skills are worthy of master status by delivering a feathery beatdown to every challenger that comes your way. Can you fight like a girl?”

Discover a hot cast of beautiful girls from around the world, each with her own unique style, pillows and moves. Pick your girl, and find out who swings the hardest and who likes the rough stuff!

Attack your opponent, block punches, unleash Combo moves and perform Super Grabs. Get ready from some intense pillow fight action!

I Would So Have Rocked Boy Scouts If I Were a Yank

It just goes to show the world we are living in now. The Boy Scouts of America has created a new award category *drum roll please*: Videogames. All the boy scout association have adopted these new awards where the little troopers can now earn a Videogame Belt Loop and/or Videogame Academic Pin by completing requirements that include, unbelievably, playing videogames.…