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IGN Hotty Going Topless For Charity Is Win For Gaming


Are there any local gaming site gals that look like this lovely IGN gal?

She has a good heart to [I’m sure thats why she made your blog news – editor] as the lovely Jessica Chobot recently went topless for charity for the Keep-a-breast foundation. She posed for a Sony artist to do a mold of her chest to then be painted in a “God of War’ themed sculpture which was auctioned off for the charity.

Irish Outraged With Red Dead Redemption

Recently launched Red Dead Redemption has reportedly got the Irish media up in arms because of the an Irish character is the town drunk who is inebriated and abusive all the time. The headline in the Evening Herald reads [Irish ‘drunk’ sours launch of hit game.]” Then a commentator,  David Hogan added that “It is an outrageous slur, especially as we know schoolchildren…

[Read Dead Redemption] Are The Review Scores Telling The Entire Tale?

I read a rather interesting article about Red Dead Redemption reviews obtaining critical acclaim, which AttackOfTheFanboy seem to think are a little stretched from the truth. The title has been receiving near perfect review scores so one would expect the title to be near perfect.  But in the reality of Red Dead Redemption is that its bugs and problems are reportedly easily detectable by…

Ubisoft Joining In On The Fight Vs. Second Hand Games?

Exactly what I was afraid of happening is looking to become a reality. Now it seems Ubisoft is trying to make the second-hand game market “frowned” upon (lets call a spade by no other name) by making it unattractive to buyers and sellers alike. VGCharts picked up on some statements regarding the matter where Chief Financial Officer Alain Martinez stated that most of their…