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Permanent ban for users of leaked Halo: Reach

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Last week as many of you know, Halo: Reach was leaked for download. The issue came about because Microsoft made a download available for select reviewers to download for review. If it is on the internet, it can get hacked, and it did.

Now Microsoft are showing an iron fist and has struck back at all those who have downloaded and played the leaked version of Halo Reach with the banning of respective consoles and permanently suspending the Xbox LIVE tags of the guilty players of the leaked Halo Reach version.

MaxConsole came across a user of a Jtagged 360 that has provided a full copy of the text sent out by MS titled ‘Notification of Permanent Suspension.’

The e-mail reads as follows:

Man sues NCSoft for no addiction warning label…

lineage 2…and to my shock, it might actually go to trial

A Hawaiin resident, Craig Smallwood is reportedly suing NCsoft for not selling their MMORPG Lineage II title with a warning label against addiction. Smallwood is claiming that his life was ruined because of the game, and now he is seeking $3 million in compensation. This is not the first case reported with this storyline but it is shocking to hear that the U.S. District Court Judge Alan Kay refused to dismiss parts of the complaint and therefore it could ultimately lead to trial.

The Three Weirdest Games Ever


…and when I say weird, I mean terrible.

There are great games and there are not so great games out there. People find joy in some games where others don’t. If you aren’t sure about a game and it didn’t do well with the reviews – then rent it, buy it from a bargain bin or borrow it if you think you could find joy in it. However, here are three titles that I can’t for the life of me see how a publishing house would approve it. How a retailer would carry stock of and how on this good gaming world, some gamer would actually buy the damn game.

I Bet I Can Get You Guys To Buy Mafia II


…and I do mean ‘guys.’

I downloaded the demo on release yesterday. Being a bit like a little boy at Christmas, I could not wait to try it. So thinking that I’ll just give it a quick go and switch it off before any violence, as not to upset my baby girl’s innocent mind. The game starts, a little phone call to give me my mission. So on the way out the house to hop in my car and go, I spot a mag. And what opens up in high definition across a large screen in all it’s glory?

Activision Joins The War Against Secondhand Games

First EA Sports, then THQ, Ubisoft and now Activision. The publishing giants are clearly not happy with a copy of one of their titles getting sold without them cashing in. The publishers have given new copies online-codes to access online content, and second hand game buyers need to purchase a code to have the same access. The move is clearly a bid to deliberately devalue…

This Is Not The Uncharted 3 Logo

The above logo, which popped up on Facebook, had some speculating that it was the new Uncharted logo. Naughty Dog has now confirmed that the logo is not the Uncharted 3 logo and that it is just fan made. Naughty Dog’s developer tweeted: “It’s just fan-created, not an official Naughty Dog/SCEA page + we haven’t made any announcements.” The third instalment is currently being developed but we…

Rockstar Explains Why 40 Staff Members Were Laid Off

[note to self: make sure your children never study to design games] Rockstar explained that their San Diego studio has laid off 40 staff members. This is despite producing one or the major contenders for Game of the Year – Red Dead Redemption. The studio manager, Steve Martin told Kotaku that these layoffs are typical of the post-development cycle of a game. [editor – so…