Zombie Controversy

Online play killing game sales

Publishers are hoping for a resurgence in sales that could lead into a strong holiday season for a sector undergoing a massive shift in consumer habits. Gamers are shifting their purchasing behaviour for buying games in a store to buying online,  DLC or buying games that have a strong online factor. It is totally understandable given the price of games versus longevity. You could easily buy two titles this year and be entertained all year round – online and DLC would keep you going.

Gaming industry could contribute to the costs of ‘gaming addiction’ research

UKIE chairman, Andy Payne has reportedly said more research is needed into the issue of possible addiction to videogames, saying that the word ‘addiction’ is quite an emotive one.

Payne says that when talking about clinical addiction, it is proven to be something that people want as a dependency and therefore “we have to look at the evidence and the research.” He added that the industry could even be willing to contribute to the costs of research, support for those affected and (or if) a clinical issue can be proven.

As a ‘core’ gamer, have you changed your mind about Medal of Honor?

As an ‘older’ gamer I was eagerly waiting for Medal of Honor. It’s a DICE developed shooter, a great formula in which I know and trust. The fact that Medal of Honor is based on a real war is an added bonus – no ‘kiddy’ stuff, the real deal. I am not a sadist, I do not wish any harm to NATO forces at the hands of the Taliban. In reality I do not believe in killing of anyone really, but I am able to separate reality from fiction and I relish the opportunity to carry out acts that I would not consider in reality.

Gaming going digital could shift the balance of market leaders

According to Phil Harrison, former Sony Worldwide Studios president, the transition of the games in retail form to digital downloadable ones could change the balance of the leading gaming companies in the coming years.

Speaking at the Games Invest 2010 event in London today, Harrison reportedly explained that this is a fantastic time to start a company [gaming] as the market is going through exponential growth, which he said is predicted to “double in size over the next five years.”  Harrison said the market is also “going through some challenges, going through reinvention as it changes from packaged goods to an online digital market. And that transition is going to be painful, it’s going to destroy value in some companies and create value in others.”

Molyneux reveals the worst thing that he has ever said

Speaking to a packed audience at the Eurogamer Expo today, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux reportedly revealed what he considers to be the worst of his notoriously documented overstatements.

Molyneux revealed that is was in 1996 following his departure from Bullfrog, “We went away worked hard at building a team, Big Blue Box. We were lucky enough to get a contract with Microsoft,” he said, “and then I went out to the press and I said something terrible, probably the worst thing I’ve ever said in my life.”

Publisher believes gamers “have too many demands for titles”

pic by icanhascheezburger.com

A topic that has come into the spotlight of late amongst myself and gaming friends is what titles would you pay for. Nowadays games are not cheap and before one would buy any big scoring title, where as nowadays I seem to only buy titles that offer big value – loads of gameplay, multiplayer and even then I still look at the longevity of the title before parting with my hard earned money. Certainly publishers can’t blame the consumer for doing so?

HMV could turn gaming sales industry on its head

Do you buy games from supermarkets ? [where you buy your groceries for example] I personally only support an actual gaming store, that’s just me. Nowadays you can even buy a Motorbike from a supermarket, but not for me thanks, I’ll go to my local Yamaha. It just seems wrong. Well HMV could turn the gaming retail business on it’s head from the look of things.

Kotick had “no choice” in famous dismissals

The very vocal Activision Blizzard CEO, Bobby Kotick has reportedly said “We [Activision] didn’t have any choice!” to fire Call of Duty creators Vince Zampella and Jason West.

Kotick said “It shook my belief in two specific people, who were my friends,” and that the frustrating thing about it is, the “stuff that these guys did, I never would have expected them to do.” He explains, “We’re a public company, we’ve got ethics obligations, and the things they did were… I would go to jail if I did them.”

F1 2010 is a go go go… no wait, it’s a public holiday

While the rest of the world is enjoying Codemasters’ F 1 games, fans in South Africa are made to wait until the 30th September before getting their copy.

The local distributor for Codemasters in South Africa is Nu Metro. They have delayed the release of the highly anticipated title due to the release date falling on Friday the 24th September, which is our country’s Heritage Day and therefore a public holiday.