Zombie Controversy

Death by Xbox

That is the headline as run by British newspaper ‘The Sun’, following the death of 20 year old Chris Staniforth who died from deep-vein-thrombosis (DVT) due to extended sessions of gaming on LIVE.

Deep-vein-thrombosis (DVT) is commonly seen on long-haul flights, but in this tragic case it was quickly turned into gaming’s fault.  The Sun believing that “in recent years it has been increasingly been seen among those who sit for long spells in front of computer screens”.

Chris’s dad however is not laying any blame on Microsoft and is rather launching a campaign to raise awareness of DVT.

Square Enix Files Lawsuit Against Individuals Who Infiltrated an Invite-Only Preview of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

ComputerandVideoGames picked up on a complaint via Patent Arcade, Square Enix has filed a lawsuit against some unknown Italian individuals who infiltrated an invite-only preview of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The limited preview was for select press who could access the title through a secret, protected internet portal. The individuals gained access, downloaded the game and distributed it online.

2K Games Backs ‘Press Principles’ | Zombiegamer Editorial

This latest story doing the rounds really impressed me with 2K Games. If you missed it, Examiner reported on the PR firm that was canned by 2K because of some ‘choice’ tweets from the firm aimed at game journalists and blogs that gave Duke Nukem Forever really bad reviews, or were “venomous” with their reviews. One would think 2K would welcome anyone trying to defend a brand of theirs against bad press, but not so, they apparently stand for fair play when it comes to the subject of reviews.

Famous Ex-Hacker Warns “Gamers at Risk With Any Online Gaming Console”

In an interview with IndustryGamers, ex-top computer hacker, Gregory Evans is warns gamers that they’re still not safe on PlayStation Network. The famous ex-hacker and author of eight books on computer security and identity theft, spent two years in federal prison and paid $10 million for hacking into major companies like AT&T, MCI and Worldcom for his past hacking history. Evans now works at an international security company and helps Fortune 500 companies protect themselves hackers.

Sony Attacked Again and Again

Just last Thursday Sony was again attacked by hackers who breached Sony’s So-Net Internet service provider where stole ¥100,000 (around R 8000) worth of “virtual points” from account holders.

Now GamesIndustryBiz reports that a Sony website in Thailand has been hacked and virtual points stolen in Japan but at least the PlayStation Network itself was not breached this time.

So-Net advised customers to change their passwords and stopped the So-Net points exchanges after their system was attacked. “At this point in our investigations, we have not confirmed any data leakage. We have not found any sign of a possibility that a third party has obtained members’ names, address, birth dates and phone numbers,” the company said in a statement.