Zombie Controversy

US Petition to Destroy All Copies of Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim **UPDATE**

**UPDATE** The article appears to be the work of satirical website Christwire according to Eurogamer.  Still funny as hell. **ORIGINAL** Or SkyRim – by Blizzard Entertainment – as the concerned citizen calls it.  Kotaku is reporting of B. Stephenson of Tennessee (US) who has submitted these demands to The White House’s We The People site: We petition the Obama administration to:…

EA Being Sued Over PS3 Version of Battlefield 3 Not Containing Battlefield 1943

EA announced at E3 that the Playstation 3 version of Battlefield 3 would be bundled with a free, platform exclusive copy of Battlefield 1943. This reportedly didn’t happen and so Kotaku are reporting on EA being sued over the exclusion of Battlefield 1943.  The exclusion of the the popular Battlefield 1943 has reportedly got gamers in the US up in arms. EA…

Man Gets Dumped… Buys Master Chief Suit

Due to my colleague at Zombiegamer having way too much coffee this morning and covering every last bit of gaming news that matters, I found myself digging around and picked up on a bizarre gamer’s love story. Shortlist entertainment online mag are reporting on one, Eric Smith who custom designed an engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend with. Unfortunately she dumped…

Lady Gaga Defeats Lady Goo Goo

Mind Candy, the developers behind MMO – The Moshi Dance infamously featuring a character named Lady Goo Goo, has lost a court case against Lady Gaga over the use of the character’s name as the popstar argued that young children may have trouble differentiating the cartoon monster from the her.

GamesIndustryBiz report that the courts granted an injuction preventing the company from “promoting, advertising, selling, distributing or otherwise making available to the public The Moshi Dance or any musical work or video which purports to be performed by a character by the name of Lady Goo Goo, or which otherwise uses the name Lady Goo Goo or any variant thereon.”

Battlefield 3 – a ‘Mature’ game

Everyone remembers ‘No Russian’ from Modern Warfare 2 right?  Controversy was always going to follow the game after it was revealed that a scene included walking through an airport killing civilians.  You could of course have simply not pulled the right trigger during the mission, but it was there and it made a lasting impression on the concept of mature gaming.  It transpires that Battlefield 3 has decided to go one step further and essentially insist that you have to kill police officers to complete a mission.  The reason for this is quite simply that “millions of lives are at stake”.

Well, to be fair it’s also not the first time a game has included this disregard for the rule of law – Grand Theft Auto is a master at it, and the next Hitman has a mission based around it – but expect the tabloids to be preparing the headlines already.  However, we are all mature adults and hopefully only mature and psychologically stable adults will actually play the game and realise that that is all it is.

Xbox Live | Some banned consoles now unbanned

Xbox LIVE’s ‘Policy and Enforcement Team’ or ‘Xbox LIVE Enforcement Unicorn Ninja‘ as they introduced themselves as, have been busy recently banning consoles on Xbox LIVE that are involved in “bad behavior such as cheating, fraud, running unauthorized software on the service, or playing illegitimate copies of games (to name a few)”.  However, in a post on Major Nelson’s Blog, head Unicorn Ninja Stephen Toulouse (or “Stepto”) has admitted some recent bannings were incorrect and that the affected parties will be unbanned and bought off with some goodies.  Presumably to stop them from rocking the boat.

Partial jesting aside, the affected parties “do not need to take any action” as the team know who has been incorrectly banned – and you will receive a “credit for three months of Xbox LIVE Gold and 1600 Microsoft points”.  Full open letter below.