We don’t often hear of game makers lashing out at reviewers, but that’s exactly what’s happened over Castelvania: Lords of Shadow 2 reviews.

Lords of Shadow 2 director has lashed out at reviews, claiming “specialised gaming press lacks professionalism.”

OXM has translated a report published on Eurogamer Spain in which game director Enric Alvarez hit back reviews, in particular Edge’s 4/10 review.

“You can say I do really like the rock but I hate the opera, but this is an opinion, not an analysis.

“If I had to do an analysis of Don Giovanni, I would not even know where to start.

“There’s a lack of honesty in the gaming press,” he claimed.

He went as far as to indirectly call the Edge reviewer “stupid,” which can not be lost in translation.

“A reviewer must have must be blind or stupid to give a 4/10 for a game of this quality,” were his exacts words.

“With a 4/10, people interpret it is a crappy game, badly done, it breaks, with mechanics that do not work, with some awful graphics,” he added.

Alvarez echoes what has been often argued with reviews, claiming “that in the end it is an opinion, and an opinion is totally respectable,” but warns readers to “not confuse a review and analysis.”

Visit back later in the week for our “opinion” on Castelvania: Lords of Shadow 2.

[via MCV]