If you have asked “what is Cape Town Showdown?” – shame on you.  It’s a showdown in Cape Town.  Duh.

More precisely it’s a showdown where you get to strut your stuff in the virtual fighting arena.  So if you are a street fighter, brawler or button basher, keep the last Friday and Saturday open in your diary.  The third Cape Town Showdown will run over two days (27 and 28 April) and will be held in Bellville at the Settlers High School’s Gilbert Room (insider tip, one of the zombies actually frequented the class rooms there…).

We’d suggest that if you’re interested in keeping up-to-date on the event, you should head over to the CTS Facebook page, otherwise we will try to keep you informed.

The dates for the next Cape Town Showdown have been set.

It will be held on the 27th AND 28th of April 2012. Yep, TWO days. I want to have time for more social interaction and casual gaming. Sometimes a tournament regime can get in the way of actual gaming. Heh, or maybe it’s just me.

I’m still playing with ideas and format of the tournament, but our venue has already been booked. Ideally, I would like fighting game fans to support all franchises.

The tournament will be held at The Settlers High School’s Gilbert Room. The School is just off the Mike Pienaar Boulevard in Bellville.
This venue will suit our needs nicely.