Cape Town game dev says he does not see ‘AAA titles’ in South Africa’s future

Desktop dungeons

…but nor does this bother him.

Danny Day

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The developer is Quarter Circle Forward Design’s [Desktop Dungeons], Danny ‘Disleksia’ Day.

The Cape Town based developer told Eurogamer that while he does not see AAA titles in South Africa’s game-developing future, the local game development scene is “more interesting than it’s ever been before.”

“We’re in on the ground floor when it comes to building indie games,” Day claimed.

Day explained that the South African Indie game-development scene is currently ripe for developers.

“It doesn’t matter where you are if you’re selling via digital distribution, so why shouldn’t people live where they want to live?” he claimed.

“I see South Africa producing tons of interesting, innovative games and really running with the uniqueness that our viewpoints allow us to explore.”

Eurogamer chatted to a few more South African developers for the interesting article, all of whom are vouching for as an excellent portal for anyone looking to get in on the South Africans developing scene.


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