Calling all Battlefield 2 PC players **UPDATE**

And before you think we meant Battlefield 3, we really did mean Battlefield 2.  Mr. Giggles from +NarX- sent us a letter asking to spread the word about an SGS server running the game tomorrow (29 April).  Depending on the response, the game might become a permanent fixture again.

If you’re keen to play the IP they will be using to run the server on is  Go on, get involved.


The server has been given a two week lease of life.  Get in there if you want it to continue.

Hi there,

I have been for the past few months trying to find out why there were no SGS servers running on Battlefield 2 anymore.  It had been almost a year since I last played and when I finally did this year I found it almost impossible to find any other SA players which was really sad as I have so many fond memories of BF2 and they epic battles fought and won with just a few points to spare 🙂  Finally on the website I posted a thread asking why there were no SGS servers as there were still a lot of players who would play if they were running and most gamers I know would put BF2 in the top 5 best games of all time.

So it seems this Sunday the 29th April 2012 they are going to run a SGS server and depending on the response from my fellow gamers out there, they will check it out over and if there is enough players on the server they might have it back on BF2 permanently 🙂

The ip they will be using to run the server on is

SO if you could mention this on your site I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks


AKA Mr_Gigglesno1


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