This review is an unedited version of the review written by Zombie Dredd and published in the Tech Magazine: Issue 55 March 2018.

Call of Duty is back. Yes. Again. But thankfully it is back without all the gravity-defying-future malarkey that has been part of the series’ more recent history. Yes, Call of Duty is back and it has looked to its own history and mankind’s history for its inspiration.

If the WWII in the title didn’t give it all away, Call of Duty’s 2017 game is set in the second World War. The franchise last visited the setting in 2006 with Call of Duty 3 and developer Sledgehammer has done a remarkable job of acknowledging the series’ roots and looking to its future.

The single-player campaign is both simple and engaging while being heartfelt and familiar at the same time. The story focuses on an American squad near the final days of the war with the action kicking off on D-Day. From the moment you hit the beaches, the game balances its action movie roots with a story of comradery that keeps you going even against the odds.

For the first time since Call of Duty 2, there is no health regeneration in the campaign. While one of your squad is the designated medic, the others offer ammunition, mortar strikes and grenades. This all necessitates a more strategic approach to your missions and means you rely on your AI squad mates to supply you with medikits and other resources.

These new (or returning) elements add are great additions and alongside the best graphics in a Call of Duty yet make for an immersive ride. Europe is both beautiful an ugly in exactly the right way with the characters feeling more human than ever before. It is ultimately a pretty familiar Call of Duty single-player experience but it is a great one none the less.

Of course, Call of Duty comes with more than just the solo experience with both multiplayer and the hugely popular Zombies mode also available. With the rise of Call of Duty esports, it is clear that the multiplayer is geared from the ground up for an enthralling competitive season. However, it also offers newcomers plenty of options to not feel overwhelmed.

The new Headquarters mode is essentially a social space not far from that found in Destiny 2. There is a shooting range, 1v1 challenge areas and more to explore before you choose to step into battle. Missing from this Call of Duty is the create-a-class system, and in its place is Divisions, with each of the five divisions featuring different basic combat training, division training and weapon skills.

Also added is ‘War’, which is essentially a rolling objective-based mode and a great addition alongside all the usual multiplayer modes packed in. Zombies is the classic Nazi-zombies take on the mode and is as entertaining as ever – both solo or with companions.

Unless you really loved your jetpacks and ‘advanced movement’, Call of Duty WWII is the best Call of Duty released in years, packed with enough content to keep you playing until Call of Duty 2018 arrives.

Score: 8/10
Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC
Distributed in SA by: Megarom Interactive