A PC patch has hit Steam for Call of Duty Ghosts and adds ““some cod esports stuff in private match”.

Patch notes are not yet available but the following information is via Reddit user mkapex1:

  • “Menu stutter is gone 6GB requirement to launch the game has been waived for 4GBs.”
  • “Some cod esports stuff in private match was added.”
  • “In game stutter still exists (tested on amd parts) the framerate still caps to 91 confirmed.”

An MP1st reader managed to send in a few additional details and screens to the site.

The eSports rules are “hard-coded for game modes like Search & Destroy as well as Blitz, though there are other equipment, weapon, or perk restrictions to play around with as well.”

The broadcaster mode offers first-person, third-person, and over-the-shoulder views, along with other options for video recording.

The patch is expected for console versions in the coming days, as the new features are set to debut at the MLG Championships in Columbus this coming weekend.