Call of Duty Championship | The Weekend Live Streams

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MWEB Gamezone have compiled a handy list with links to all of this coming weekend’s Call of Duty Championship qualifiers – both internationally and our very own South African qualifier.

If you ever wanted to see your beloved console eSports grow into a fully fledged televised commodity, this is where it will all start, and supporting the teams and streams is the very least you should do.  Because then flying your team or country’s colours will be a requirement sooner than you think…

Via MWEB Gamezone:




At the end of this week we will know our final 32 teams for the Call of Duty Championship. Thus far 8 teams have qualified for the Finals in Los Angeles, they are:

  • RAGE
  • Tva
  • Vintage
  • Phoenix
  • Curse
  • Quantic
  • compLexity
  • Awe Sports

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