Call of Duty: Black Ops Beta Teased?


There has already been a rumour or two pointing at a Beta, but nothing concrete. Now, thanks to a tip from a Call of Duty ‘nut’ and reliable source, I think we could possibly be getting a Beta.

If you head over to the official Call of Duty: Black Ops website and register, you are taken to a page that lists the benefits of being a member which reads as follows:

  • Exclusive Offer: Register and immediately receive Call of Duty: Black Ops Wallpaper
  • Become an insider to receive news before it hits
  • First access to extended cuts of major trailers and much much more
  • Direct access to the Treyarch development team with hosted Q&A
  • Participate in Black Op Missions to gain rank, earn badges, points, and trophies for your player card
  • First-in-the-world access to REDACTED — you are not yet cleared for this information
  • Connect and chat with millions of other Call of Duty recruits
  • Now what exactly does “First-in-the-world access to REDACTED – you are not yet cleared for this information” imply? If you look up the word ‘redacted’ it means: “to edit or revise – make ready for publication,”  beta.

    The site also states that we will get a full multiplayer reveal come 1st September.

    Thanks to Singularity2012 (gt) for the heads-up.