Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 | Zombies Reveal Trailer

You asked for more zombies.  You’ve got more zombies.  We’re crying just a little inside.  It’s genocide we tell you.


Thanks to Joystiq the following details of the three (yes, three!) Black Ops 2 zombie mode have been revealed:

  • Tranzit: The main Zombies mode, its an awesome-sounding new four-player co-op mode that lets players freely traverse a “big, giant, expansive world” – the biggest the developer’s ever made, according to Treyarch’s Mark Lamia. In the video below you’ll see players using a bus to travel between locations, blasting zombies in an open world. But even in the bus, players aren’t safe, and Treyarch warns that while it makes travel faster, it isolates players in an environment that’s hard to escape. As before, players can gather items and resources that let them open up new parts of the open world.
  • Survival: This sounds most like the traditional CoD Zombies mode you’re used to – you’re dropped into an isolated area from the Tranzit world, and fend off zombies while gathering weapons and fortifying your base. Treyarch says that multiple areas of the main Tranzit mode have been altered to resemble traditional maps, but held off confirming how many maps there’ll be.
  • Grief: A new eight-player mode splitting players into two teams of four, you’re dropped into a Tranzit location and tasked with out-living the other team. Players can’t shoot each other, but it’s ultimately a competition between the teams to live the longest.

Zombies mode will now also offer full multiplayer-style stat-tracking, leaderboards and custom game setup options, as well as new zombie types with still more to be revealed by Treyarch in the future.  Or when the game itself comes out.