BurgerTime World Tour: New Gameplay Trailer and Site Revealed

“Get ready to become the world’s greatest burger chef,” say MonkeyPaw Games who in collaboration with Frozen Codebase have released the first full gameplay trailer of their upcoming digital download title BurgerTime World Tour.

Monkey Paw Games explain that this is an evolved version of the original classic puzzler, BurgerTime World Tour stars burger Chef Peter Pepper as he travels the world serving burgers against other hungry international chefs. Of course, he’ll also be dining and dashing while running away from angry food baddies such as cowboy sausages, dancing dill pickles, and the incredible, edible Mr. Egg.

With 50 levels, BurgerTime World Tour’s unique cylindrical playing field, enhanced power-ups, and numerous multiplayer elements are just some of the tasty additions to the new menu. The culinary classic returns this summer when BurgerTime World Tour releases as a digital download on all current gaming consoles and PC.

See the official site for more.