Destiny_Art_03Speaking in the new issue of Edge magazine, Bungie creative lead Joe Staten explains how Destiny is being developed with a long-term future in mind.

Staten spoke of how Bungie learnt from Halo and stresses the need to have a long-term plan for Destiny. The studio is developing the game whilst keeping in mind how it can be built upon.

“The big lesson [from Halo] is: if you don’t have a plan for the future, you’re scrambling to catch up with your own success,” he said.

“This time we’re planning for success, and that’s enabled us to imagine a future where many things are possible. It allows the plot a long arc, which is great.

“In Halo we certainly didn’t have that. We planned for an eight-hour experience then, two years later, figured out another eight-hour experience. This time we’re thinking about how you grow and evolve this world over many years, many hours. It’s a whole different mindset.”

Destiny will be Bungie’s first venture with Playstation, being released to both the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3, as well as Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The game looks outstanding and we’d keep an eye on it!