Bravado Gaming’s 2017 Dota 2 Plans

The Bravado Gaming Dota 2 team is no more. Long live the Bravado Gaming Dota 2 team.

Bravado Gaming have announced (and confirmed) that their successful Dota 2 team has parted ways for a variety of reasons. While this marks the end of a three year success story, it also appears to be heralding in a new beginning for a new look Dota 2 team under the Bravado brand.

According to the announcement, members of the team are departing due to the following reasons:

Leon Wong (Flarez) is still undecided of what he will be doing this year while Donio Teixeira (Doni) will be moving overseas, Abdur Kamdar (Habibi) will be joining forces with Veneration E-Sports, Wasim Lorgat (Seem) is now married and has retired from competitive gaming and Wesley Rose (Odu) will be playing alongside former team-mates in Energy E-Sports.

The Dota 2 announcement follows the MGOs decision not to participate in the Telkom DGL Masters program, but rather opt to qualify via the wildcard spots.

The current plan for Bravado and their (as yet non-existent) team is to be ready by 23 February to compete in the Masters Sapphire Cup wildcard qualifiers. Failing that timeline, the team should be ready to battle in early May to join the Masters Ruby Cup wildcard qualifiers.

This has meant Bravado Gaming are looking for five players (and a coach if possible) to play for the brand with all the sponsorship benefits that offers. It presents a massive opportunity for existing teams and players as the organisation is “not just looking for any 5 individuals with only skill, but rather a bunch of players who are determined, ambitious, willing , dedicated, who have the potential and skill in becoming the best of the best, locally and internationally. This may come in the form of a 5-man ready roster or a newly created roster from a combination of players.”

The announcement and invite for applicants goes on to say:

It’s important to note that we also need to incorporate a team who is easy going, with a good attitude, are respective and are looking to continue building on those positive traits. One thing is for certain, if we find the right team or combination of players, Bravado Gaming will support them from every angle possible, such as: marketing initiatives, sponsorships, general support, development, opportunities, and more.

One thing to consider, is that Bravado Gaming is not part of the Masters program (as mentioned earlier) although this doesn’t mean that we can’t play in the Masters main events. Teams can now play and qualify in the new Wildcard system implemented by the DGL (Telkom Digital Gaming League) that are not part of the program. The wildcard system allows for non-masters teams to qualify and play at both the main Masters events. You can read more about this here.

Although our focus with our DotA2 squad will initially begin on the local scene, we will then transition it into our international plans (depending how the squad performs on the local scene and whether we’ll be able to solidify future plans) and together we’ll work towards our goals, initiatives and requirements in order to build the squad stronger and stronger by the day.

Another thing to take into consideration is that we’re looking for a squad or a combination of individuals who have the time to meet the above objectives. As many of you may know, DotA2 scrimming and practice takes up a ton of time and we want to ensure that these individuals will be able to comply with this requirement.

Interested applicants (not individuals but “rather as a combination of players (5) or as a team”) can email a proposal to Bravado Gaming with the subject line of ‘Bravado Dota’.

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