Boulder Dash XL Now Available on XBLA

Boulder Dash-XL is now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade bringing a classic game into the modern HD-era. It will cost youis 800 Microsoft Points.

A Windows PC version is scheduled for release later in thethis summer. Boulder Dash-XL The game was developed by Catnip Games along with First Star Software Inc.

The game features 5 different game modes and pays tribute to all Boulder Dash® fans with its “Retro Mode”, which carefully replicates the look and feel of the original Boulder Dash, released on Home Computers in 1984.
Retro Modes utilizes only the gameplay elements featured in the original and the behavior of enemies inhabiting the caves is exactly as it was back then. Also, level designs follow the same patterns and rules of the classic Boulder Dash® to make fans feel right at home. The original graphics and characters have been brought to life in real-time 3D, resulting in a unique look. Music and sound effects have been created using 8bit-Samples to underline the heritage of this Retro Gaming Classic.

Features of Retro Mode:
• 25 Caves, following the design guidelines of the original game
• Caves created solely using the game elements featured in the classic
• All the classic enemies are there, behaving exactly how they did in 1984
• Glorious 8bit-Soundtrack
• Original graphics and characters rendered in real-time 3D

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