Borderlands Review Leaked


Thats right. Can’t wait anymore for the first results? Well here is a sneak-peak.


It must be clear that I am a little obsessed with this title at the moment, and so trolling around I came across a summary and pic, by someone who has their Official Xbox Magazine, with the review in it. The official OXM was supposed to be on their site on Monday, but for those who are dying to know as I am, below is wrap-up of the review. The review as seen in the pic also states 8.5/10, which is by no means a bad score. So it looks to be like it is going to be a ‘goodie.’


“We played the game mostly as a Hunter – a small, light sniper who also carries a pistol. We stuck strictly by that for the first ten levels, but as we progressed, we really had a hard time with some of the tougher enemies. So, channeling Halo multiplayer, we switched our focus to shottys and snipers, and after building up those skills, we could hang in there for most battles. But we were left with the feeling that the Hunter character is impractical for solo play, and it’s a shame that the classes aren’t better balanced for that. If you’re playing alone, definitely be a Soldier – you’ll suffer less.”

My first thought was, ‘Really? You obviously can’t spec a character.’ Just because they couldn’t get their Mordecai working that means it must be unbalanced for solo play? Pathetic.

“But it would’ve been nice to have some cinematic conversations with dialogue trees and all that jazz. Mostly, though, you’ll be too busy reveling in Borderlands’ greatest accomplishment – frenzied, balls-out combat – to care.”

Really? Again? Why in the world would you expect to see something Randy has said over and over again that it would not be anything like that in the game because it didn’t fit with what they were doing..

They also mentioned this while talking about the enemy respawn frequency on the page before talking about how Mordecai was unbalanced for solo.

“We often just bailed and sprinted past to load the next area”









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