A South African gamer expresses their sadness over the delay…

Please… don’t kill the bearer of this bad news.  Megarom Interactive – distributor of both Borderlands 2 and F1 2012 – has just sent out the press release below announcing the delay of release of the two titles.

The new release date for both is now next Thursday 27 September.  The delay is due to “complications in shipping have arisen and are out of the distributor’s control.”

Johannesburg, South Africa September 19, 2012 – Megarom Interactive (Pty) Ltd., South Africa’s leading importer and distributor of interactive video games, today announced that due to unforeseen circumstances, have been forced to move the release date of 2K Games, Borderlands® 2 and Codemasters® Racing, F1 2012™ to Thursday the 27th September. Complications in shipping have arisen and are out of the distributor’s control.

Due to these issues, shipping stock to South Africa in time for the expected dates will be unrealistic. “Megarom prides itself on releasing games that are in-line with European release dates, and it’s unfortunate that we have been forced to push out the release of these two highly anticipated titles” said Philip Court CEO of Megarom Interactive, “Unfortunately there are times that things go wrong and we [Megarom] will do our best to work around these issues to ensure they are resolved as quickly as possible”.

The new release date ensures that all stock will arrive timeously and be sent out to all retailers in South Africa for the Thursday 27 September launch date, both Borderlands® 2 and F1 2012™ were due for release on 21st September 2012.