Blizzard trademarks ‘The Dark Below’


Bliz­zard Enter­tain­ment formerly promised a “special announcement” for Gamescom, which was thought to be Diablo related. It has now filed a trade­mark appli­ca­tion for “The Dark Below”.

The trade­mark spotted by Mas­sive­ly [via Gamespot] did not give away any fur­ther detail and Blizzard is not fessing up either.

The Gamescom invi­ta­tion sent to media last month said:

“We’re mak­ing a spe­cial announce­ment that’s sure to cap­ture the atten­tion of the Heav­ens, Burn­ing Hells, and all the shad­owed places that lie between.”

Gamespot report that­ Bliz­zard Enter­tain­ment pres­i­dent and cofounder Mike Morhaime has said the com­pa­ny’s Gamescom announce­ment would be relat­ed to Dia­blo.

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