It seems as though Gears of War designer, Cliff Bleszinski’s is nearing getting back into game developing, as he promises news of his upcoming project in 4-6 weeks.

Speaking with GamerHub, Bleszinski says he is still hoping to secure third-party funding for the project, but may go the Kickstarter route should it be necessary.

“Expect some news hopefully in the next 4-6 weeks,” he said.

“I would like to go directly to the consumer if possible, although with the safety net of providing outside financing. I think Kickstarter is a beautiful, romantic thing. I think that for every success story there’s ten failures, sadly, on Kickstarter.”

“But I think it’s possible with the success of Day Z, to have the concept of pay-for-alpha or pay-for-early-access, and help the community forge and shape your game. Build the company while you build the game while you build the community, at the same time.”

The said project would be Bleszinski’s first since leaving Epic Games in October 2012 – he has been delving in the restaurant business of late.

[via MCV]