If you missed it, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 dropped its reveal trailer and release date of 6 November 2015 this weekend. A number of details were confirmed, but there are also a number of others that are essentially rumour and speculation at the moment. So let’s have a look at what has formed part of the hype train that’s just left the station, starting with that reveal trailer.


Advanced Black Ops

Let’s be fair, the trailer makes the game look like a mash-up of Black Ops 2 and Advanced Warfare, with robots chucked in for good measure and wallrunning. So maybe it’s a little like Titanfall then, but with exoskeletons – sorry, Direct Neural Interface is what it’s actually called. None of this is really a surprise given that Black Ops 3 follows on from Black Ops 2’s  21st century cold war, so is set somewhere in the future.

(More) Zombies, Co-Op and More

Treyarch has been working on the game for around three years now (or at least, by release they will), so plenty of new features and tweaks form part of the game.

The game will feature four player campaign co-op from the get-go. You can – of course – go it alone as always, but isn’t it more fun with buddies? There is also two-player local split screen planned, so again, couch buddies are catered for.

In the campaign, Cairo will make an appearance (based on the reveal to press), and you will face around 20 different enemy AI in the game. The levels are more open and with customisable characters you can select player roles to best traverse the level. The game will see unlimited sprinting (well, you are a super-soldier), being able to fire while vaulting, sliding and wallrunning and being a general badass. Replacement limbs, hacking and more also look to form part of the campaign.

The multiplayer features specialist classes which may have an effect on the competitive nature of the game, especially if the classes prove to be a little unbalanced. That being said, weapons themselves are usually the main issue, so how the nine classes available will affect things remains to be seen. Cosmetic changes are available for those that feel they need to look unique (we’d suggest you can expect microtransactions then…) and there will be the usual XP ranking available. Nore on the four revealed specialist classes can be found here.

There is also Zombies which will be “totally unique, mind-blowing” and probably feature zombies. And killing of said zombies. This will also be playable solo if you’re friendless or you can hook up with others for four times the killing. It will feature its “own full, player XP based progression system” and will have “more depth and replayability” than before.

Finally, for those that pre-order the game, beta access to the multiplayer is guaranteed. Full details regarding the beta are to be confirmed.

VG24/7‘s neat little wrap of details:

  • Back story: You play as part of a prototype cybernetically enhanced Black Ops unit. While investigating a CIA black site in Singapore, half of your team goes off the grid. This is followed by a massive military leak that leads to the worldwide collapse of covert operations. Your job is to find your team and uncover the truth.
  • 4-player co-op campaign alongside upgraded multiplayer and zombies mode.
  • Multiplayer includes 9 classes, each with a special ability and weapon.
  • Pre-orders will get access to the open beta, going live sometime before Nov 6 release date.
  • Safehouse hub allows you to check out other players and customise your own characters.
  • Multiplayer Gunsmith customisation allows 5 attachments and one optic on weapons, player-created camos and other paint jobs.


What hasn’t been revealed just yet is the eSports component of the game, but given the way Treyarch brought eSports to Call of Duty in the most complete way possible with Black Ops 2, it would only be fair to assume they have that covered and will bring it with in working order right from the offset. The safe money may also suggest that Xbox One will be the platform of choice still for competitive players and on to the Call of Duty Championships, as well as all the timed exclusivity that will mean for Microsoft’s platform.

However, a tweet by Charlie Intel does throw a little water on the above statement. According to them, “during the preview events for press, they played #BlackOps3 MP on PS4 and Campaign on PC. Xbox One was there but was not used.” It might be down to how far along the playable code is, but does make one wonder…

It also appears as if the game may only be released on Xbox One , PS4 and PC, as those are the only platforms confirmed so far. In fact, don’t hold your breath other platform owners, Treyarch’s Mark Lamia has said there are “no ‘ports'”…

Sources: VG27/7 | Eurogamer

Information via a leak late last week: