Black Ops 2 Mweb Ladders X360 & PS3

The Mweb Autumn Black Ops 2 ladders have seen their second week pass, and with the total number of registered teams over the PS3 and Xbox 360 ladders totaling 142, one would expect plenty of matches featuring a number of unknown teams.  Sadly, this has not really been the case, with a number of teams sitting mid ladder due to not having played any games yet.  Meanwhile at the top of the ladders, the number of games being played has been mammoth.

In the Mad Catz PS3 Ladder specifically, a fair number of teams have played well over 20 games, with eVo BLU3 having clocked over 40 games already, with a 28 to 14 win ratio.

At the time of writing, F34R Elite continue to hold their top spot in the Mad Catz PS3 Ladder, with eVo R3D sitting in second place.  INSAN3 Gaming who were third last week have dropped to fourth place, with 13L ICU jumping into third spot.

On the Razer Xbox 360 Ladder, there has been a number of positional changes since last week.  XtaZ have moved from their fourth place last week to grab the top spot.  The other teams have simply dropped one spot, pushing FLS Unleash into second place, Adios La Vida in third and 13L to fourth.

The top 8 teams in each ladder will head into the ‘Super 8’ playoffs following completion of the ladders on 29 May.  There is still plenty of time for teams to work their way into the top 8, as there is plenty of time left to get games in, and one can expect a flurry of activity as the date draws nearer.

Just a reminder:  Any teams that have failed to play a game by the 1st of May will be deleted from the ladders.

Also, launching this week is the Top 5 Plays of the Week from the ladders, with commentary by HoldenZA.

If you’re keen to be part of the Top 5 Plays, here’s what you need to do:
1) Take part in the Mweb Gamezone Autumn Ladders, sign up here
2) If you manage to get an awesome ‘clip’ make sure to save it and upload it to youtube.
3) Take your youtube link and e-mail your clip to
4) Wait and see if you have made the Top 5 clips of the week.