Black Ops 2 Mweb Ladders | Week One Round Up and Rules Update

Black Ops 2 Mweb Ladders X360 & PS3

The first week of hard and heavy action in Mweb’s Autumn Black Ops 2 ladders have passed on by, and the ladders – specifically the Razer Xbox 360 one – look a little different to usual.

On the Razer Xbox 360 Ladder, FLS Unleash currently hold the top position, with Adios La Vida and 13L holding second and third place.  The clan that went to Los Angeles currently sits in fourth place with their only loss so far against ALV.

On the Mad Catz PS3 Ladder, the standings are slightly more familiar.  F34R Elite hold top spot with eVo R3D sitting in second place.  Third place is held by INSAN3 Gaming with RefleX sitting in fourth spot, even though they have played the most games and grabbed the most wins in the ladders so far.

With the Super 8 playoff spots beckoning on the completion of the ladders on 29 May, there should still be plenty of action to come, and the top teams will need to pick up maximum points against the top teams to ensure they hold their spots on the ladder.

There is, as usual, no way that everyone will ever be happy with these sort of things, and there has been the expected fair share of complaints and dissatisfaction.  Disputes over no shows and match result are fairly common, but a few teams feel the ladders are not competitive enough.  A number of top teams have apparently chosen to play against weaker teams at times to ensure a winning streak, but the onus should be on the community to play the ladders in the manner it was intended [via HoldenZA on Mweb Gamezone]: “a location where players and teams can find one another in attempts to generate more activity in our community.”

A number of rules and general updates have also been implemented, and all participating teams and players should note the following:

  • No player can play for more than one team on one ladder. That must be on the team they are currently registered with.
  • Players using multiple profiles will be removed from the ladder.
  • Players are advised to never give out their personal login details to anyone.
  • Reminder to all teams to always acquire proof of arrangements with opposition.
  • All teams that have not played 1 match by the 1st of May will be removed from the ladder.
  • The ticket system is to be used for all issues relating to the site. Members are to report all issues via the ticket system. Please do not use personal numbers of admins or private messaging of admins unless an admin tells you directly to do so.
  • The shoutbox is not used to contact admins, it is used for player interaction. Please refrain from using profanity in the shoutbox. If your messages offend users or admin you will be contacted by admins and dealt with appropriately.
  • Any team names with profanity in, will be removed from the ladder by the 5th of May.

A top five plays of the week has also been added to the ladders, and players should email your clips which show off all your “amazing kills, clutches, and pure awesomeness” to

Players are also encouraged to offer any feedback on the ladders on the Mweb Gamezone forums.