Black Ops 2 Mweb Ladders X360 & PS3

Week four (and a few days) of the Mweb Black Ops 2 Autumn Ladders has rolled on past, and many teams have played many games.

The past week also saw the ladders get a clean up with all the teams that hadn’t played one game being deleted.  In a testament to the Call of Duty community in South Africa, while a number of teams were deleted, the number of teams in each ladder is pretty staggering.  The PS3 ladder has 66 teams, while the Xbox 360 boasts 51.  A total of 117 teams.  Pat yourselves on the back guys.

The top six in the Mad Catz PS3 Ladder have stayed pretty much identical to last week, but with a few shifts up and down.  At the time of writing, INS4N3 Gaming held on to it’s first place from last week, but with 13L Killers just four ELO points behind.  F34R Elite jumped a few places from last week to grab third spot.  eVo R3D, 13L ICU and AP3X LeGacY round off the top six which sees the teams within at least 54 ELO points from each other.  eVo BLU3 and D2U hold the last two spots for the “Super 8′ at the moment, but there are a number of teams that are chomping at their heels.

On the Razer Xbox 360 Ladder, it was almost all change.  XtaZ climbed back to the top from last week’s second place, while IoN Gaming have leapfrogged FLS Unleash into second place.  F34R Elite have climbed to fourth spot, while Adios La Vida have slipped a little to fifth.  sZ have come from virtually nowhere to grab sixth, but sit a fairly hefty 77 ELO points behind the team in first place.  Corrupted Disciples and 13L round off the top eight teams, but ninth place ViNCO ar only one ELO point away from eighth.

There’s still just less than three weeks to go for teams to get their ‘Super 8’ position guaranteed before the ladders close on 29 May.

Week three of the Top 5 Plays of the Week from the ladders, with commentary by HoldenZA.

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4) Wait and see if you have made the Top 5 clips of the week.