Black Ops 2 | Confirmed by game’s official site

Activision has used Morse code on the official site of the new Call of Duty to name the new game in the series.

Now we know nothing about deciphering the ‘dots’ and ‘dashes’, so we needed to rely on others to translate them.  It says “Black Ops Two”.  Unless Activision is trolling everyone…

It’s quick as can be but there’s an obscure teaser for Activision’s next big first-person shooter on the Call of Duty website.

The concentric circles on the loading screen for contain morse code. You probably know what it says already, but it’s safe to consider this a sneaky sort-of confirmation from Activision. (If not, watch the video above.) Kind of an anti-climax, given alltheleaks that have trickled out, but Activision could surprise everyone by revealing something different.


At the time of writing this article the official reveal is due to happen in around 18 hours time during the North American basketball playoffs on TV channel TNT.

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