Black Ops 2 | 4v4 Zombie Mode and more

In an interview with Now Gamer, Mark Lamia (Treyarch Studio Head) confirmed that Black Ops 2 would come with a 4v4 Zombie mode.

It appears that the mode may pit two teams against each other and hordes of the undead in a fight for survival.  Lamia has previously stated that zombies mode is now an integral part of the Black Ops 2 multiplayer engine and the article goes on to speculate that the game will also feature a full zombies campaign – showing “the infestation unfolding before you” – and hinting at the fact that the truth of where the zombies came from may be revealed.

The article by Now Gamer speculated – and also confirmed – a number of other items, including:

  • Black Ops 2 multiplayer “will be rebalanced from scratch”, says Treyarch
  • Black Ops 2’s multiplayer gun set will see the Type 95 & KSG return
  • Black Ops 2 multiplayer killstreaks could extend to gun attachments
  • Black Ops 2 multiplayer could enable players to hack enemy gear
  • Black Ops 2 multiplayer could throw free roam vehicles into the mix
  • Black Ops 2 multiplayer perks could be revised entirely from scratch:

During the Black Ops 2 demonstration, Mason is knocked over by an explosion and enters a familiar ‘Last Stand’ position on the ground, suggesting that the perk is set to return in Black Ops 2.

However, recent rumours suggest that Last Stand will not be returning, and that a whole new perk system will be introduced, but Treyarch is yet to confirm or debunk the return of Last Stand.

The new perk system will allegedly give you the option of levelling up perks to Pro and Elite status. Pro is a simple extension of your perk, while Elite perks only unlock if that perk is paired with another.

For example, using Spy Pro and Pilot Pro together will unlock a third, more powerful effect. It’s a neat idea that, if true, could make for even greater class customisation.

Black Ops 2 perks supposedly include the following:

  • Audiophile – enemies shooting at you with silenced weapons will still appear on your mini-map, but only if they are nearby.
  • Bladesman – You can hold two knives, meaning you pull of melee kills faster
  • Consciousness – Your accuracy while standing upright is just as good as shooting while prone
  • Deep Impact – Bullets penetrate through surfaces with greater success.
  • Defuser – can throw grenades and equipment further.
  • Diver – you can shoot while diving to prone
  • Escape Artist – can fake death when going prone, but you sacrifice the option of shooting.
  • Focus – You can shoot while sprinting, although the accuracy is drastically reduced
  • Pilot – Your airborne killstreak kills count towards your overall killstreak chain
  • Spy – appear as an ally on the enemy mini-map.
  • Technician – Ground-based killstreak kills count towards your overall killstreak chain
  • Black Ops 2 multiplayer modes could involve hacking and chopper drops


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