Bioshock Infinite | Boxart revealed and causes consternation with fans

2K Games have revealed the art for the box of BioShock Infinite and have  felt the backlash of the fans because of it.

The box art depicts the game’s protagonist Booker DeWitt wielding a shotgun against a backdrop of a burning US flag.  Surprisingly, it’s not the burning flag which has caused the complaints but the fact that the cover is actually pretty generic.

Looking more like a Call of Duty or Battlefield cover than a BioShock one, fans took to Reddit to express their disappointment with the art.  Many fans have claimed that it does not capture the spirit of the Bioshock series.

It’s certainly not the most inspiring cover of the year, and if the comments by users like BiohazardBlaze (“forgettable and generic”) and Kotaku’s Owen Good are enough to have an effect, we might see the buyers force another game to change itself.  At least it won’t be the ending this time…