BioShock for Vita still not in development


If you are holding on to hope that BioShock for PS Vita is on its way, you may be sorely dissappointed.

BioShock for the PS Vita was unveiled over a year and a half after its unveiling, but the latest news reveals that the game is still not in development. IGN are reporting [via MCV] on BioShock creator Ken Levine stating that a final deal between Sony and Take-Two has not yet been signed.

“That’s out of my hands right now,” says Levine.

“I’ve got my fingers crossed that that’s going to happen because it’s something I want to do but until somebody starts signing the cheques, there’s nothing I can do.”

Despite Sony promising earlier in the month that it would be an bountiful year for software launches for the Vita, MCV speculated that we may see the project cancelled all together, taking into account that the next-generation of consoles are now on the horizon.

A BioShock game would certainly make the Vita a more attractive prospect.


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