Biometric Controllers Patented by Sony

Siliconera has spotted a filed patent by Sony for biometric game controllers.  The listings describe sensors which are built into the DualShock 3 and Move controllers which will measure heart rate, skin moisture and muscle movement.  The listing also indicates a proposed handheld incorporating the same technology.

The filing indicates a number of potential uses for the system.

  • Weapon handling could change depending on how nervous the player is. For example, when using a sniper rifle, the more relaxed your heart rate, the steadier your aim.
  • Players could tense their grip to withstand an attack or charge a shield.
  • An in-game character could start sweating if the player’s heart rate increases.
  • Your in-game health bar could deplete more rapidly if you’re nervous.
  • A player’s attacks could differ depending on heart rate.
  • Background music and scenery could change depending on your stress level.
  • A game’s difficulty could adapt to a player’s stress level.

There is no indication from Sony as to when – or even if – they have any real intention to implement this technology.